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Laying the Foundation for Learning

Our educational and enrichment programs help children develop crucial skills so they can grow up to be independent adults.

We Prepare Children for the Future

Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program offers learning and education services to children. We teach kids basic skills and help them lay a concrete foundation on which to build milestone achievements for the future.

The Importance of Our Services

With our help, children are able to learn fast and grasp innovations at an early stage, which would prepare them as leaders to have basic innovation skills as they grow. Also, students would spend quality time and refrain from violence or criminal activities as they would probably opt to explore and establish their quest for their talents as learned in childhood.

Features and Benefits of Our Services

  • Children gain knowledge, skill, and experience.

  • Children are motivated to pursue lifelong learning.

  • Children are prepared for the future.

  • Children enjoy fun and hands-on activities

  • Parents can work and make overtime money as their children spend time doing something they enjoy.

  • Our services help reduce future crime.

  • Pictures that would establish satisfaction and history would be taken.

Our Services Are Available During:

  • Spring Semester

  • Summer Semester

  • Fall Semester

  • Winter Semester

Have Peace of Mind

The population increases each year, and new children are born to homes and families. In the 21st century and the information age, more parents (both moms and dads) work to maintain the home. By providing our services, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are engaged in extracurricular activities in a safe environment. Rest assured, your children are well taken care of.

Worth Every Penny 

Maria Montessori school tuitions are expensive due to materials and tools used in the learning environment. However, we provide top-notch services that are worth the expense. We know that parents want only the best for their children, and we always go the extra mile to meet their expectations.


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- Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program Customer

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