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100%  Beneficail of Online Learning

According to Jean Piaget (1896-1980), people produce knowledge and form meaning based on their learning experiences. Children become increasingly experienced in action by interacting with the environment and their teachers. (4.1)

Philippians 4:13: 1 can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Guided by our Christian values, we educate children and help them develop fundamental skills. We offer online and in-person classes. 

Yes, We Can.

Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program is a nursery/kindergarten/after-school program of action that provides fun and a welcoming learning environment to children 3 to 17 years old. We teach them fundamental skills, such as counting, reading, writing, social interaction, and taking care of their personal hygiene. Our program helps children with Montessori concepts. Montessori Learning Academy staff teach and tutor students in all disciplines required for future studies.

  • Counting

  • Reading

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Christian Values

  • Music

  • Art and Craft

  • Drama

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Online Exercise

  • Environmental Study

  • Emphasis on One-On-One Learning

A Passion for Teaching

After post-secondary education, she did her teaching internship at a public school as a requirement for entering the university. That helped her learn about the community. Having gained a passion to teach while working at a Montessori school, she sat down each night to read the newspaper in search of a job that will help her go back to school.


While studying for an associate’s degree in early childhood education at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, she worked for the child care centers and underwent several observation projects for school, about six centers in all.


This has caused her to have firsthand experience educating children and has added more meaning to her field of studies in education. She loves school and education, and they have sparked her desire to learn, which has brought other achievements to her life. 



Dissertation Editor : Author Spotlight: Dr. Henrietta Abbey (

Learning Outcome




Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration

Graduated August 2021



Master of Liberal Arts in Philosophy

Graduated February 2020



Master of Liberal Arts in Labor Studies

Graduated February 2015



Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Sociology

Minor in Early Childhood Education

Graduated September 2012



Associate Arts Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Graduated July 2000


Laying the

Foundation for Learning

Our educational and enrichment programs help children develop crucial skills so they can grow up
to be independent adults.

Diligence Pays Off

When she was a student, Henrietta participated in class, read her notes and textbooks, and was very punctual. She was a hard worker because, from childhood, she had been exercising determination to do the very best in life. She started seriously learning, reading, and studying when she was 12. She read novels, fiction, and comics.

She loved to look for new words and meanings in the dictionary and on the internet. With a keen interest in reading, she received a scholarship during secondary and post-secondary education.  

The Joy of Learning

Henrietta believes that it is rewarding to go to school, read, learn, and study. Life is more meaningful when you add education and learning. She believes that furthering her education to the doctorate made her complete and competent to help others and her family.

With a spirit of determination to succeed in education, she believes that the result speaks for itself. Now, it is time to practice what she has learned and to invite readers to enjoy studies, findings, and discoveries. She believes in making a difference for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Learning is Fun

Quote of Encouragement



"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well"

Abraham Lincoln

Music For Fun
Music For Fun

Our Mission

We aim to instill basic education and Christian values so children can form concrete foundations that are crucial to achieving their educational milestones. In order to achieve this goal, we use Dr. Maria Montessori concepts so children can attain full autonomy as an adult.

Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program welcomes students from all parts of the world

Our Vision

Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program helps the community by developing children's learning skills through literacy, education, and knowledge. We provide quality education and affordable learning. Additionally, we teach fine gross motor skills and encourage intelligence in children.

We also teach children how to balance life with Christian values, social life, and family. We also help children retain information and have enriching experiences.

We Grow Together

Our Goals and Objectives

At Montessori Tutoring Enrichment Program, we strive to help children develop and acquire fundamental literacy and education. Our goal is to ensure children learn happily as well as play comfortably and safely. We hope to see them grow into impressive adults who will accomplish great things in life, which could also benefit society and inspire the next generation of leaders.

We educate children so they will be successful in life and not grow up to be dependent adults. Instead, they will become self-sufficient contributors to society, capable of caring for themselves and their families. Our services would help prevent children from growing into adults who are reliant on welfare or government care.

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